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7th Circuit Affirms Dismissal of False Claims Act Claims Against General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin

Posted in Decisions Interpreting FCA Elements
In United States ex rel. Yannacopoulos v. General Dynamics, et al., No. 09-3037, the 7th Circuit affirmed summary judgment dismissal of a case alleging that General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin submitted false claims to the United States for payment in connection with a contract to manufacture and sell F-16 fighter jets and related parts and… Continue Reading

11th Circuit Affirms Dismissal of FCA Claims Against Lockheed Martin Regarding Allegedly Defective Coatings on F-22 Stealth Aircraft

Posted in Rule 9(b) Decisions
Former senior engineer at Lockheed Martin Corp., Darrol Olsen, filed a False Claims Act lawsuit against Lockheed, alleging that Lockheed used inferior and defective coatings on F22 aircraft.  The coatings are allegedly critical for the F22s stealth capability. The U.S. Air Force purchased 648 of these F-22s from Lockheed at a cost of about $87… Continue Reading

Federal District Court In Texas Orders Government To Disclose Facts Concerning Closed Criminal Investigation In Civil FCA Action; Law Enforcement And Work Product Privileges Do Not Apply

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In civil False Claims Act cases in which the government has intervened, the government will often try to shield some documents from discovery based on a variety of privileges, including privileges generally asserted only by government agencies, such as the investigatory law enforcement privilege, the joint prosecutorial privilege, and the deliberative process privilege. Earlier this… Continue Reading