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Defining Off-Label Marketing Of Prescription Drugs: Conduct Likely To Trigger Government Scrutiny

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Here is a copy of the off-label marketing presentation that I prepared for ACI’s conference on Fraud and Abuse in the Sale and Marketing of Drugs held last week in New York.  The presentation slides include: A summary chart of off-label marketing settlements with drug companies between 2004 and 2010. (Slide Nos. 1-4)   A summary chart showing which U.S. Attorney’s Offices have been most … Continue Reading

Statistics For Off-Label Marketing Settlements Involving Prescription Drugs

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The government settled 21 cases involving allegations of off-label marketing of drugs between 2004 and 2010.   95% of the government’s investigations in these 21 instances were initiated by a qui tam complaint filed pursuant to the False Claims Act.   The government recovered $7.9 billion in criminal fines and civil settlements in these 21 … Continue Reading