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Statistics For Off-Label Marketing Settlements Involving Prescription Drugs

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The government settled 21 cases involving allegations of off-label marketing of drugs between 2004 and 2010.   95% of the government’s investigations in these 21 instances were initiated by a qui tam complaint filed pursuant to the False Claims Act.   The government recovered $7.9 billion in criminal fines and civil settlements in these 21 [&hellip… Continue Reading

Can The Government’s False Claims Act Suit for Defective Cardiac Devices Against Boston Scientific & Guidant Survive A Motion To Dismiss?

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On January 27, 2011, the United States filed its complaint-in-intervention in United States ex rel. Allen v. Guidant LLC et al. (including Boston Scientific), Case No. 0:11-cv-00022 (D. Minn.). The Guidant case involves the events surrounding medical device manufacturer Guidant’s recall of the Prizm 2 and Contak Renewal 1 and 2 cardiac devices in June [&hellip… Continue Reading