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S.D.N.Y. Dismisses FCA Case Against Lab Testing Companies Because Complaint Was Based On Client Confidential Information Disclosed By Former General Counsel

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In United States ex rel. Fair Laboratory Practices Associates v. Quest Diagnostics, Inc., Unilab Corp. et al., 05-CV-5393 (S.D.N.Y. April 5, 2011), the Southern District of New York dismissed a qui tam action against laboratory testing companies Quest Diagnostics and Unilab because the qui tam complaint was based on confidential information disclosed by Unilab’s former… Continue Reading

Federal District Court In Texas Orders Government To Disclose Facts Concerning Closed Criminal Investigation In Civil FCA Action; Law Enforcement And Work Product Privileges Do Not Apply

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In civil False Claims Act cases in which the government has intervened, the government will often try to shield some documents from discovery based on a variety of privileges, including privileges generally asserted only by government agencies, such as the investigatory law enforcement privilege, the joint prosecutorial privilege, and the deliberative process privilege. Earlier this… Continue Reading