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Torrented Tracker Started

Hello guys. I am ready to announce that finally we started our tracker. Yes it is a super power (at least I hope so)...read more

New server - new speed

As you noticed the site became a little bit faster...read more

Upload Feature is Available Now!

As I promised in previous posts Upload Feature on our site is implemented and is available on public. In order to upload your torrent files just go to the upload page...read more

How to create a simple software RAID for the security of your torrent site PART2 [practice guide]

In my previous article I gave you some background knowledge about mirroring. Let’s create a simple RAID1 mirror array with a set of your 2 HDDs.
It`s now time create our array to keep safely our torrent files...read more

Site Speed UP

Yesterday our tech admin made some useful changes on the site.
Everything about site speed. Some CSS are united. Then some work with CSS sprites (donno what's that :)) Then we minimized/optimized CSS and Java scripts, tuned asynchronous loadding...read more

Public Upload is coming

We are getting a lof of letter asking for uploading features.
Yes, I agree, torrent site without upload feature is not a bittorrent site. We have some uploaders but at the time they are just very trusted persons who helped us establish this wonderful site...read more

How to create a simple software RAID for the security of your torrent site [PART1]

Many times you heard that some site is down due to HDD crash. Yes, hard disks can’t work forever. It is a mechanical device that usually works for 2-5 years. Then at one day it may crach completely burring all your bittorrent files or (in a better case) may start dying one sector by one and you will be able to notice it in your *nix system in the log /var/log/messages show as error with read/write at your /dev/ad devices (if we talk about SATA drives)...read more

IPMI Problem. Continuation

Yesterday I was almost sleeping and forgot to tell in my story about problem as is. I told a lot in general, introduction but didnt tell the main thing :)
So the problem is that BMC hangs every 30 minutes...read more

IPMI Problems with S1200BTL Intel motherboard

Today I continued preparing the server for extending Torrented infrastructure. As I told before I have S1200BTL Intel Board.
As you know there are such cases when you can't access the server via SSH (for example it hangs up because of improper NIC setup) and you need ask datacenter to restart the server or connect to the console terminal and correct your errors...read more

Booting Intel Server. Boot Menu

Hello everybody.
Today everning I am installing FreeBSD 8.3 OS on the new server. It is a great machine, Quad Core Xeon and I am trying to install the OS by means of KVM...read more