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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Arkansas District Court Denies DOJ’s Motion To Dismiss After Government Settled With Defendant

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In United States ex rel. Rille v. Sun Microsystems, Inc., Civil Action No. 04-CV-00986 (E.D. Ark. Jan. 30. 2012), an Arkansas district court denied the motions to dismiss brought by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the defendant against the relators, although the DOJ and defendant already settled the underlying claims brought by the relators.… Continue Reading

Which Public Disclosure Bar Applies?

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A recent case from the District of Massachusetts raises an interesting question under the False Claims Act’s public disclosure bar. See United States ex rel. Estate of Cunningham v. Millennium Laboratories of California, Civil Action No. 09-12209 (D. Mass. Jan. 30, 2012). The defendant Millennium Laboratories provides drug testing services to physicians who treat chronic pain… Continue Reading